What Are the Types of Air Conditioning Available for Homes?

Summer may be at an end, but the heat doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon. There are a total of six different types of air conditioners. They are all designed for different spaces and reasons. The different types are central air conditioners, ductless, portable, evaporative coolers, geothermal, and window units. Here are definitions of […]

What Are Some Ways to Stay Cool Without Using So Much AC?

It can be tough to stay cool on the hot and muggy days of summer without AC. Remember, the original Duncanville pioneers lived here before the time of AC and survived so it’s possible. It’s just not easy. Here are some ways to stay cool without AC. 1. Go to the Swimming Pool If you are having […]

Do I Need a Central AC System or Can a Window AC Be Enough?

Many homeowners are wondering whether they actually need a central AC system, or if a simple window AC unit is enough. The answer depends on your air conditioning needs and your budget. While it’s true that buying and installing a window AC is a lot cheaper than having a central AC system installed in your […]


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