What Are Some Ways to Stay Cool Without Using So Much AC?

August 6, 2017

It can be tough to stay cool on the hot and muggy days of summer without AC. Remember, the original Duncanville pioneers lived here before the time of AC and survived so it’s possible. It’s just not easy. Here are some ways to stay cool without AC.

1. Go to the Swimming Pool

If you are having a tough time surviving the hot weather, you can take a trip to the swimming pool. If you can make it to the lake then even better. You can lounge out in the cool water and not have to deal with the hot weather until you return home. While this isn’t a long term solution, it can work in a pinch while a Duncanville AC Repair service gets your AC running again.

2. Wear Cotton Clothes

Cotton is breathable and a great choice for hot weather. By allowing your skin to breathe, you can catch the breezes and feel personal evaporative cooling. Because of its properties, cotton is a hot weather fabric around the world. While not ideal, cotton clothing can help you stay a bit cooler without air conditioning.

3. Stay Hydrated

Heat causes you to sweat and lose valuable minerals and water. As it becomes dehydrated, your body’s ability to self-regulate its temperature diminishes. Rehydrating with water or sports drinks can improve your body’s temperature regulation and make you feel cooler. If you replenish with cold fluids, these have the added benefit of cooling your core temperature as well.

4. Buy Fans

Every home should have fans ready to be used in case of an air conditioning system breakdown. While waiting for a Duncanville AC Replacement visit, you can stay cool. They are also useful for staying cool without AC or during transition seasons when you don’t want to use your AC. Fans work by moving the air around and are most effective when placed in front of a window. Make sure a window is open on the opposite side of your house so the air can flow out.

If you are looking for Duncanville AC repair services in Duncanville, Texas, look no further than Norman Aires Services. Call Norman Aires Services so that you don’t have to try to find ways to stay cool without AC during the long Texas summer.


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