How Norman Aire Properly Disposes of Old AC Units

May 15, 2022

Our Environmentally Friendly Process

87% of all homes in the US have some form of air conditioning. At some point, old AC units will need to be replaced with newer models. This transition presents a question: what should be done with the old AC unit? There is a methodical process to properly dispose of AC units. Norman Aire is here to help with the entire process to ensure your old unit is disposed of in the most environmentally friendly way possible. 

Why Is Proper AC Disposal So Important?

As you gear up for your new cooling system, your first thought may be to leave the old unit on the curb for garbage pick-up. However, it is illegal to throw away your AC unit without properly dismantling it and removing the refrigerant. Do not try to dismantle and throw out your AC unit by yourself! Always call a professional when the time comes to replace or recycle your old AC unit. The experts at Norman Aire are here to help you through the whole process.  

What’s the Big Deal with Cooling Refrigerant?

Refrigerant is classified as an ozone-depleting substance by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). If your AC unit is simply dumped in a landfill, leaking refrigerant can cause harm to the ozone layer and environment. Because of this, an EPA licensed technician must be the one to remove the refrigerant from the unit. These technicians will follow the specific procedures for how to safely remove and dispose of the old refrigerant.  

What Should You Do with an Old AC Unit? 

If you’ve decided that it is time for your old AC unit to go, then your first step should be to call the professionals. Norman Aire will fully remove the refrigerant from your unit along with the hoses, tubes, and other parts that may contain refrigerant or coolant. We will then ensure that the parts are properly disposed of at a hazardous waste facility.  

At Norman Aire, we believe in protecting the environment and you and your family. Need to dispose of or replace your air conditioning unit? Call Norman Aire today for a free estimate and no overtime charges! 


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