Residential Maintenance Agreement

Preventative maintenance can save you energy and money while enhancing comfort. At Norman Aire we want to help you extend the life of your cooling and heating equipment. HVAC experts recommend that your heating and air equipment be checked and maintained twice a year. This is only possible by means of regular maintenance service from qualified technicians. Your air system needs maintenance in the spring before you start using your air conditioner and in the fall before you start using your heat. It is much better to catch a problem before it becomes an expensive breakdown during a heat-wave in the summer or a freeze in the winter. Our qualified technicians will thoroughly evaluate all of your systems components so that you can stay comfortable. They will also provide system recommendations, repairs and replacement information, if necessary. Our annual tune-up includes the following items listed below:


  • Inspect Compressor
  • Inspect Belts
  • Inspect Wiring
  • Inspect and Clean Coil
  • Wash and clean condenser coil (chemically clean if needed)
  • Check Running Pressure
  • Check Refrigerant Fill


  • Inspect Burner and Pilot
  • Inspect Burner Adjustment
  • Inspect Heat Exchanger
  • Inspect Limit Switch
  • Inspect Fan Operation
  • Inspect Pilot Thermocouple
  • Test Electronic Ignition
  • Inspect Draft Diverter


  • Inspect Fan Motor
  • Inspect Blower Motor
  • Lubricate Motors
  • Clean/Replace Standard Filter (Only if provided by customer)
  • Test Capacitors
  • Test Thermostat


  • Check Temperature Increase
  • Check Heat Anticipator
  • Clean/Replace Standard Filter (Only if provided by customer)
  • Inspect/Adjust Belts
  • Lubricate Motors
  • Check for Carbon Monoxide
  • Drain Flush

This program was created to safeguard your HVAC system, improve its efficiency, and lower the risk of costly repairs. It also gives you peace of mind, ensures that your manufacturer warranties are not voided due to neglect, and catches any issues before they become expensive problems. Here are some other benefits that our Preventative Maintenance Customer’s Receive:

Below are the benefits that our Preventative Maintenance Customer’s Receive:

  • Priority Service Scheduling Over Non-Plan Customers
  • Priority EMERGENCY service within 24 hours of your call
  • Discount on Heating and Cooling Repairs
  • Discount on Air Quality Products (Such as Air Cleaners, UV Lights and Humidifiers)
  • Discount on System Replacement
  • FREE newsletters, mailings, and/or emails with special offers and discounts