Running an air conditioning unit is a great way to help lower temperatures throughout homes in sweltering heat and uncomfortably warm temperatures. When you have an air conditioner installed in your home, there are a few ways to keep your AC unit from negatively affecting and impacting your health that are necessary if you plan to use the unit frequently during warm months.

Regular Air Conditioner Maintenance

Scheduling regular air conditioner maintenance is essential to avoid potential clogs, buildup, and other filter-related issues with your air conditioner. Having regular maintenance allows you to gain insight into the overall condition of your unit and whether or not you require new filters, parts, or an entirely new motor, based on how it is currently performing.

Check Filters Often

When you run your air conditioner frequently it is important to check your unit’s filters to ensure they are not clogged or unable to process the airflow. Some vents and filters become clogged quickly and require a cleaning before it being advisable to use the unit.

Avoid Condensation Buildup

Most air conditioning units that fit into windows require a slight tilt when they are installed to avoid potential condensation and water buildup. When an AC system begins to build up water, it is less likely to work properly and can begin to harbor potentially dangerous bacteria and mold. Always verify that your air conditioner is on a proper tilt and capable of draining water and other condensation.

Keeping your AC from affecting your health with regular maintenance and cleaning prevents potential respiratory problems, infections, and illnesses from arising. Ensuring the air quality in your home is of the highest standard is imperative to remain healthy and to avoid the potential risks that come with breathing in air from an air conditioning unit that has not been maintained over time. Are you searching for the right professional AC service in Arlington, TX? Contact Norman Aire Services to learn more and receive your consultation today.

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