Foggy windows, moldy bathrooms and a musty odor that won’t go away are just some of the signs of excess humidity in your home… but what if you could prevent property damage, save money, and be healthier with a few easy hacks? Here we’ll show you how.

How Humid is Your Home?

Did you know that the Saharan Desert has an average humidity of 25%, while the sweet spot for homes is 40%? Do you know how your home stacks up? Find out by scheduling an appointment with one of our Fort Worth Residential HVAC specialists for a professional assessment of your home’s indoor air quality.

Why is High Humidity a Bad Thing?

In Texas, humidity is just something we learn to deal with – but high humidity indoors aggravates allergies, asthma, other illnesses, and can even attract harmful pests. And air quality isn’t your only concern; mold and mildew can also damage drywall, ceilings, carpets and the underlying structure of your home, as well.

What Can You Do to Reduce the Humidity in Your House?

Here are some easy ways to lower humidity in your home:

Ventilate Your Space

  • Crack windows before/after cooking and bathing
  • Turn on vent and exhaust fans while cooking
  • Run fans to increase circulation
  • Regularly replace your HVAC filters; reduced airflow increases humidity

Reduce Indoor Sources of Moisture

  • Cook with pots and pans covered
  • Take shorter, cooler showers
  • Install an exterior vent for your clothes dryer
  • Put houseplants outside
  • Install carpet in common areas; carpet reduces moisture

But the best way to control indoor humidity is to have a Fort Worth Residential HVAC professional install dehumidifiers throughout your home or in problem areas. If you’re looking for duct cleaning, HVAC maintenance or any repair or replacement work to your home, contact Norman Aire today at (972) 230-8497.