Selecting the best air conditioner for a house or apartment isn’t just about finding one that keeps the room cool during the summer, but also one that doesn’t wreck the budget with big monthly power bills. Split type units are a great choice for many residents, because they offer powerful local climate control without significant investment or expensive installation.

As experts in Duncanville air conditioning, Normal Aires Services offers complete installation services for split type units. These systems are made up of two main components, the outdoor and indoor units. The outside section creates cold air and pumps it into tubes that run to the distribution sections that are mounted on an interior walls.

Split type air conditioners are regarded as an energy efficient option for climate control, since they can be placed only in the room that are being used to avoid cooling extra space. They have also been praised for their flexibility, in that a single outside unit can be connected to multiple distribution sections in the home without significant loss of efficiency.

One of the main perks of going with split unit is circumventing the need to conduct invasive installation. Flexible tubing is used to transport conditioned air into the house, so there is no need for rigid ducts running through the ceiling, walls or floor. The wall mounted interior section is unobtrusive and can be placed along the wall in any part of the room, so they blend in to the home’s decor and allow full use of windows.

When it comes to split type or any other type of residential Duncanville air conditioning need, you can call Norman Aires Services to request an estimate and schedule a service call. We are a licensed and insured contractor with plenty of experience, so you can rely on us to deliver quality results for a great price.