Most air conditioning systems work with the same principle whereby heat is expelled from one area and replaced with cool dry air from another area. Whether it’s your car AC or your home air conditioning unit, the same principle is applied to ensure that you are relieved of the heat.

How it Works

A conventional air conditioner has four parts: an evaporator, a cooling fluid, a condenser, a compressor and an expansion gadget.

The condenser and compressor sit on the outside of the house while the evaporator is in the house. The cooling fluid enters the compressors as a cool gas where it is compressed hence turning it into a hot liquid.

The compressor is connected to a condenser that has a couple of fins or heat sinks that dissipate this heat to the surrounding air. When this working fluid, now cooler, leaves the compressor, it passes through tiny nozzle before entering huge conduits. The sudden drop in pressure converts the coolant into gas, making it extract heat from the air around it in the process.

The air conditioning unit will then suck the air around these expansion gadget and circulate it around your house hence cooling you in turn.

To ensure that your AC works effectively, you need to have it serviced regularly. Lucky for you, qualified air conditioning Arlington technicians can ensure that you get the most from your cooling unit through proper care and maintenance.

Finding Air Conditioning Arlington

With so many air conditioning contractors in town, finding the right one calls for some bit of research. Always do background checks on the company before you consider hiring any company. Find out how long the company has been offering the services and the kind of reputation they have on the community. Most importantly, determine whether you can afford their services.

We Keep our Word!

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